The modern online platform for pigeon fanciers

Pigero is an online pigeon platform for pigeon enthusiasts. All your results, family trees, .. available at any time.

In addition, you can share all this information with your entire network. Be one of the first to discover this new experience.

Pigero helps you

Close contact with fanciers

Start following fellow fanciers, who in turn can follow you, and create lasting relationships.

Increase your knowledge

You are no longer limited in your reach on our platform. Connect with enthusiasts you would otherwise never meet and come up with the best strategy together.

Put yourself in the spotlight

The pigeon top is dominated by a select number of fanciers. Pigero offers little enthusiasts the opportunity to be in the spotlight!

Our most important features

Create a custom profile for all your top pigeons

At a glance you can show all the information about your pigeon, a nice photo, the color, the parents and even at which distances you allow this pigeon to participate.

Efficient and smooth communication

At Pigero, we make sure you don’t miss anything. Follow your friends and stay up to date with their latest updates. Our goal is to connect as many enthusiasts around the world as possible.

Bring your pedigrees everywhere with you

Take all your pedigrees with you everywhere. This makes it super easy if you just want to show a bloodline to a fellow enthusiast. Get your mobile phone, navigate to the correct pedigree and all information is within reach.

Clock pigeons in realtime

Create groups with your friends that you can link to a flight. In these groups you can add pigeons that you are racing on this flight.

Autofill pedigrees

Creating family trees has never been easier.

Add yourself as a fellow breeder to an already created pigeon and all pedigree data will be entered automatically.

Buy & sell pigeons

At Pigero, members can let others know that a pigeon is for sale.

Simply put the pigeon for sale, or you can even indicate whether you are selling youngsters/eggs of a particular pigeon.

All your data saved in the cloud

Never worry about losing your data, for example when your computer crashes.

Easily use the pigeon program on multiple devices, it’s all possible because your data is stored at Pigero in the cloud.

Share your pigeons with ease

Make your pigeons publicly available and share your pigeons with ease.

Every pigeon on Pigero has its own profile, you can share this profile with everyone!

Create beautiful pedigrees

Our philosophy of beauty is reflected in the design of family trees.

The class of your pigeons is refuted in the class of your pedigrees!

Computer software for pigeons has been around as long as computers have been around. If you take the keeping pigeons seriously, you know that it also involves a lot of paperwork.

Pigeon software is already available to keep loft lists, to create pedigrees and to keep track of pigeon results. Just think of Compuclub (Compustam), Pigeon Planner, Pigeon loft organizer, Hawkeye pigeon software, and much more … These programs are from a previous era, they are difficult to use and do not offer an online solution.

Here at Pigero, our goal is to bring about change. Our mission is to digitize the pigeon world. Every enthusiast on the platform will be in direct contact with enthusiasts all over the world!

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